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Saturday, March 14, 2015

My 1st Weeks Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle

I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama Diet for a just over a year now.  The middle of January was my one year Trimaversary.  I had lost 10 lbs which may not sound like much but that was the first time in a couple of years I was able to loose anything.  After a year I really wanted to jump start things again so I decided to pull out the big guns and do a THM Fuel Cycle.  The first 3 days I lost 3 lbs and during the fuel pull days I lost one more lb.  But on the E days I gained a bit back which is due from water weight to digest the grains and beans that I ate.  The THM gals  recommend to do another Deep S day after the E days to get rid of the water weight. ( to find out what you really lost)

 So, today is my Deep S day and I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and then post a update.  I am going to be doing another two weeks and will keep you posted on how it is going.

One tip that REALLY helped me wait the recommended 3 hrs between meals was the Trimacinno's ...coffee or chai oolong tea.  I used 1 Tbsp of beef gelatin to fill up my tummy real good.    Tonight my family and I are going to be going to a local Rod and Gun club fundraiser so I will have to bring somethings to keep me on track.  For example I will be bringing a 85% chocolate bar for desert plus I will bring my garlic-basil salad dressing (recipe down below) and some herbal orange spice tea.  The tea is a BIG treat to me and that will keep me away from coffee with cream.  I sadly won't have access to my trimacinno's there so this will help.  I will up date tomorrow on how I did. Till then here is my 1st weeks menu I did.  I tried my best to use what I had in my pantry ,freezer and cupboards.  I am also a person who doesn't have to have different things all the time so there is a lot of repetition but I was happy with it.   And that is a good thing.  I will share next weeks menu a week from tomorrow. :)


I lost 2.5 lbs almost 3.  I would say my highest loss was 4 lbs but at the Rod and Gun club dinner I had a glass of wine and on Friday ( Shabbat) I had one too.  I think I would have done better if I didn't have the two nights in a row with a glass of wine.  I have to remember that one glass of wine is like a piece of cake when it comes to sugar levels. This coming week is round two and looking forward to doing even better.

Here is my salad dressing that really helped me during the Deep S days...

Garlic-Basil Dressing

3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tsp Celtic or Himalayan sea salt
1 tsp of dried basil or 1 Tbsp of fresh or frozen basil
1/8 tsp ground pepper
3 cloves of crush garlic

- shake all ingredients in a tightly covered container ( I used a small mason jar with plastic mason jar lid)

note....This one jar made enough for me for 3 days of my salads

Day 1:  ( Deep S)
Breakfast.... 3 fried eggs in expeller pressed coconut oil  with a side of lacto fermented dilly beans and a chocolate peppermint trimaccino.

Lunch....  Green salad with salmon and with Garlic-Basil Dressing with lacto fermented dill pickles and a peppermint choc. trimaccino

Dinner....  Roast Beef , cooked green beans with garlic and a chai trimaccino

Desert... Amber's Skinny Chocolate (minus the nuts)

 Day 2:  ( Deep S)

Breakfast.... 3 fried eggs in coconut oil w/ side of dilly beans and peppermint choc. tirmaccino

Lunch....  Green salad with salmon and garlic-basil dressing and side of dill pickles and a peppermint trimaccino

Dinner.... Lamb chops with Zucchini Fritters and a chai trimacinno

Desert... Skinny Chocolate (minus nuts)

Day 3: ( Deep S)

Breakfast....2 fried eggs with dilly beans

Lunch....  Green Salad with salmon and dilly beans

Dinner...  Steak with cooked green beans and garlic

Desert.... Skinny Chocolate (minus nuts)

Day 4: ( Fuel Pull)

Breakfast.... Chocolate Chia Seed Tapioca Pudding

Lunch....  Glucomannan Noodles with homemade no sugar marinara sauce and turkey

Dinner... Roast turkey, steamed cabbage, dilly beans

Desert.... 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

Day 5: ( Fuel Pull)

Breakfast...   skipped b/c I had a bad tummy ache

Lunch.... Egg White Omelet with dilly beans and a choc. peppermint trimaccino

Dinner...  Glucommanan noodles with marinara sauce and turkey

Desert....  1/2 cup of frozen blueberries

Day 6 ( E )

Breakfast.... Oatmeal with a teaspoon of each... coconut oil, whey powder, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon,  and ground flaxseed and a bit of sweet blend.  Peppermint choc. trimacinno.

Lunch...  Cottage cheese toast using sourdough bread with a bit of nutritional yeast and salt and pepper and sprouted sunflower seed greens and a side of dilly beans. Plus a chai trimaccino

Dinner...  Yellow pea soup  with pickles and  chai trimaccino

Desert...  Cottage berry whip

Day 7 ( E)

Breakfast... oatmeal with the works ( look at day 6)

Lunch... Cottage cheese toast (sourdough bread) with sprouted sunflower greens, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper, side of dill pickles.  Plus a chai trimaccino

Dinner... Black bean, lentil pumpkin chili, tiny chunk of sprouted wheat challah, salad

Desert... THM Banana Split  ( minus the reddi whip (had none)


  1. Hi Mary, good to hear from you again. It's been a long time! How are you and your family?

  2. Looks great! Thank you for sharing! Great job!

  3. I'm really thinking of doing a fuel cycle, so thanks for sharing what you did! I've been doing THM for awhile, and I don't seem to be losing anything at all--kind of frustrating. I only have about 20 lbs. to lose, and sometimes it seems like when there's less to lose it's harder. :)

  4. It looks great! I have looked into their menus plans and such myself! Glad to see you are liking it so far.

  5. Wonderful!! I am starting over again myself. I need a reboot!

  6. It's so good to hear from you :) I've often had you on my heart. I pray that you will enjoy your THM journey. I've enjoyed it alongside other modifications.

  7. Hi Mary :) So good to "hear" your voice here. Hope you and yours are all well and have enjoyed our mild Pacific NW winter...our garden is prepped and ready and seedlings are growing. You are often in my thoughts and prayers, my friend from afar. :)

    xo Lisa

  8. I have missed you, dear Mary. So glad you're back. :)

  9. Hi Mary,
    Just thinking of you today and wondering how you're doing. May the good God bless you and yours this year!
    Shani x


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